Kamis, 19 Agustus 2010

OLIVE Modem: The new AHA Modem from Bakrie Connectivity

Right now, Indonesian market is added with a new kind of mobile broadband service called AHA, which was manufactured by Bakrie Connectivity. This AHA service gives broadband wireless access which works more with EVDO Rev. A Networks. By using AHA, subscribers are given more option to choose the best mobile broadband. That will mean a good modem with stable speed and reasonable price. Within this AHA broadband product made by Bakrie Connectivity, new broadband modem is being prepared. Finally, Bakrie Connectivity introduces the USB stick Modem called OLIVE on their first launch.
Using this OLIVE Modem, users will be spoiled with high speed internet access up to 3.1Mbps on CDMA network. This modem is also different, because it has auto install. It means whether you plug in the OLIVE modem on your laptop or desktop, it automatically install the USB stick’s driver. No extra CD driver necessary to install it manually. What’s best, it is also featured with GOOGLE Chrome as the default browser. Other GOOGLE features such as GOOGLE search bar, live online news ticker and Picasa will also be available to help you more when surfing the internet.
Bakrie Connectivity guarantees the subscribers with more value added service and other features on this AHA product. Offering user friendly interface on OLIVE Modem, various packages with cheap price and charging packages for you to choose the duration or volume base.
OLIVE VME-110 Modem is considered as Bakrie Connectivity’s first introduced wireless broadband modem. With a competitive price offered on their modem and broadband packages, Bakrie Connectivity believes that their released product will compete well in Indonesia market with current broadband modems and broadband services.

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