Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Cheap Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing Capabilities Low price

Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing Capabilities
After reading the reviews this sounded like the unit for me. I needed a new modem to replace my Speedstream 5100 which was overheating and losing sync. My network consists of 10 pc’s, and a couple of game machines, so the modem works /br /Just to prove how easy this is to set up, I took it out of the box, connected it to the power, dsl, and to my Linksys router. I powered up the modem first, it went into search mode right away, when the power light stopped blinking I powered on my router and away it went. Not only did it connect right away, it was so much faster than my old Speedstream. I am using ATT DSL and there sure wasn’t an issue with /br /It looks as though the unit configures itself for a “bridge mode” of some sort automatically since there weren’t any problems what so ever with this setup. My subnet in my router is so it doesn’t come close to the Actiontec’s /br /After the initial test I did connect the Actiontec to my laptop directly and configured it to RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging mode just so I knew the Actiontec’s routing capabilities were disabled, but I don’t think I really needed to do that. Like I said, it seemed the Actiontec detected my router and configured itself /br /The router portion is really a complete router, even with QOS control for VOIP phones. If I didn’t already have the Linksys connected, that little Actiontec router would have been more than enough. Nice unit for the /br /It’s been running for a day and I will add to this review if I have any problems down the /br /By the way, when you put the Actiontec in bridge mode, the INTERNET led, does not light up at all. I thought I had a bad unit. I emailed Actiontec and got an answer in about 15 minutes. Wow. Great support to /br /I’m a happy camper! Buy this modem!br /br /Wayne

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