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New wireless technology set to double Internet speed

Regional Australians will be among the first to experience Telstra’s latest advance in Australia’s fastest national mobile broadband speeds when Telstra launches a new mobile device enabling the doubling of data speeds over the Next G™ network later this year. Telstra CEO David Thodey said that 100 regional towns and cities including Albury, Alice Springs, Orange, Broome, Ballarat, Roxby Downs, Port Lincoln and Newcastle will benefit from the new 3G modem when it becomes available to customers.

Customers using the new device – the Telstra Ultimate USB – will be able to download files or surf the Internet up to twice as fast as those using the next-fastest 3G modem currently available on an Australian national network.

Mr Thodey made the announcement in a speech to community leaders in Albury to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Telstra Country Wideâ, which was launched in June 2000.

“Telstra will make this new technology available in 100 selected regional towns and cities at the same time as many capital cities, underlining our commitment to provide the best technology to Australians no matter where they live,” Mr Thodey said.

“Telstra has been investing in regional and rural Australia for more than 100 years, including through Telstra Country Wideâ for the past ten years, to improve the quality of life for people living and working in regional and rural Australia.

“The first decade of Telstra Country Wideâ is just the beginning. Telstra is committed to continuing its investment in regional and rural Australia so we can provide local consumers, businesses, governments, schools and health services with the same leading edge services that are available elsewhere in Australia,” he said.

Mr Thodey said that since the inception of Telstra Country Wide ten years ago –
- Telstra’s mobile phone coverage had expanded from around 800,000 to more than two million square kilometres, and now covered more than 99 per cent of the population
- Internet access speeds have increased from dialup rates of a few tens of kilobits per second to be typically 550kbps – 8Mbps in selected regional areas.*
- Telstra had invested more than two billion dollars in the Next Gä mobile network, with half of all towers located in regional Australia
- All Australians had obtained access to untimed local calls, including 28,000 Australians who did not have the service in 2000
- The number of Telstra offices in regional and rural areas had expanded from 30 to 50.

Mr Thodey also announced that the company had recently commissioned the company’s 7,000th Next Gä base station, expanding Australia’s fastest national mobile broadband network.

“The Next Gä network enables regional businesses to compete on the global stage, regionally-based health care professionals to offer remote diagnosis and monitoring, rural based schools to provide the same opportunities for regional and rural students as those in the city and environmental, and farming businesses to improve their productivity,” he said.

The tenth anniversary of Telstra Country Wideâ will be celebrated at events across Australia in coming months.

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