Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

ABI Research: More than 80 million USB modems to ship this year

ABI Research is forecasting that USB modem shipments will reach nearly 81 million units this year! As a matter of fact, according to the research company’s “Cellular Modem Product Tracking Database,” more than 50% of the modem models now available in the market utilize the USB interface.According to ABI’s principal analyst Jeff Orr, one of the reasons behind USB dongles’ popularity is that these devices don’t require installing drivers (or drivers come pre-loaded on the flash storage on the modem).
ABI asks whether embedded modem modules in new computers or the recent interest in personal hotspot routers (a la MiFi) can overtake the popularity of USB dongles. Research associate Khin Sandi Lynn points out that, “In the long run, more devices are looking for a network to connect to. The wireless modem market can solve this in many ways – different form-factors, air interface protocols, and increased attention to style and cultural interests.”

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