Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010

Jailbreak/Unlock the iPhone OS 3.1.2 on the 3Gs/3G and Enable Flash

When you unlock the iPhone 3Gs/3G 3.1.2 you can use the SIM card of any GSM network carrier. This will unleash many features not available to the standard, unlocked iPhone. With an unlocked iPhone you are no longer locked into an agreement with Apples contracted carrier.

Also when you have an unlocked iPhone 3Gs/3G it is jailbroken and able to install and run programs that normally are prevented to being installed. iPhone unlocking solutions has software that will have your phone unlocked in a matter of minutes. You are just one click away from bring able to use your phone just like you would like.

With an unlocked iPhone 3Gs/3G there is software that allows you to tether the phone to be a modem for your laptop. This will save you in over twenty dollars a month for a data plan for a dongle modem for your laptop. With an unlocked phone you can enable Flash players and other software that will make your phone more functional.

Remove the restrictions that your network provider places on your iPhone 3Gs/3G after you jailbreak iPhone 3Gs/3G and unlocking iPhone 3Gs/3G. iPhone unlocking solutions has been in the business for more than four years and has provided the safest and easiest to use solutions to unlock iPhone 3Gs/3G. Over two million devices have been unlocked with iPhone unlocking solutions worldwide. They offer a money back guarantee, support and updates with technicians available all hours of the day.

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