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SB5101 Motorola Modem Reviews

As you are making a purchase decision, we suggest that you take the time to read some SB5101 Motorola Modem reviews in order to see what other consumers have to say about the product. Here are some user reviews to help you make your shopping decision:
Motorola SURFboard SB5101 Cable Modem
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The Comcast supplied modem I was using was dropping off line randomly, and always at the worst times. After doing some research (while on hold to Comcast’s Help Desk) I decided to buy my own modem. I have no idea why I have not done this already. It pays for itself in 8 months and I had my last modem for three years….
Great modem, simple set up. The hardest thing was trying to explain to the Comcast tech that I was on an IP phone, and when he registered the new modem I would be disconnected, so he better get all the info he needs now. Of course he did not get all the info he needed from me before disconnecting the old modem, so we were cut off and I had to call them back on my cell…I digress, the SB5101 is a fine modem. it’s been running for two weeks now without an issue. Buy it! It will save you money!
-W. McCurdy (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from
Our ‘Terayon’ modem that came with our ‘Adelphia’ broadband cable connection died after 2 plus years, so my cable/internet provider swapped out the defective modem for this new ‘Motorola’. I was a bit leery and concerned about having to hook up another modem for fear that something would surely go wrong with the hookup on our 2 PC router network, and I would have to call a tech or a consultant. It took about 3 minutes to open the box, hookup the power, cable, and ethernet connectors, and attempt to go online. There was NO software installation, and NO reprogramming or changing any parameters or network settings. NONE! The modem instantly powered up and magically recognized the network and cable data signal, and I was good to go! ‘Plug and play’ heaven! And the performance is better than the older ‘Terayon’.
-”CQ DX” (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from
This modem blows my old Toshiba out of the water. I have a home network and internet phone too, and even when my Toshiba modem was newer, I still had to powercycle / reset it (and my router) every couple of days. However, I have had the motorola for over 2 weeks now and have not had to reset anything on the network. Very solid, and installation was easy. I highly recommend this modem.
-E. Harris (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from
I recommend this unit. Simply an excellent product. Setup was very easy to follow. I screwed the coax connector into my CATV wall outlet, connected to my modem and plugged in an ethernet cable from my desk top computer to the modem. Follow the start up disk which has graphic instructions so you do not need an expensive service technician to make a house call. The modem has both ethernet and USB ports. I am not a tech head, so I needed something that was an easy install. Delivery was very slow, shipped from from Blue Proton Consulting, when the modem arrived by UPS, I received it within 2 weeks, opened the box up, plugged it in, called Comcast technical phone support and gave them the serial number and MAC number that was on the bottom of the modem. I was connected in 2 minutes. I previously had a RCA modem that was much slower… the speed of the RCA crawled either because Comcast’s system had changed or the old modem’s could not keep up with it. The RCA deteriorated and failed after 3 years of hard work. The performance of the Motorola is very noticable and faster with a fast connection to the internet. Motorola locates the standby button on the top where it is easily accessible. Why rent this unit from your Cable company when you can buy it for three months rental charge?
I am using a Linksys Wireless Router with this modem running a desk top and three lap tops. Even with all four users connected, there is no problem with connectivity or bandwidth. I recommend that you re- boot both the computer and the router after the modem is first activated.
I purchased a high quality ethernet cable to use with this new modem.
This modem does give off as much thermal heat as the RCA modem did… it runs much cooler. I am using an ethernet connection to my Linksys wireless router and not a USB cable. This modem has an option to use USB connectors (with USB and ethernet cables provided) which is an option connecting the modem directly to your computer.

-L. Erhart (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from
Very simple to install (just plug it in), fair price, everybit as fast as the modem I was renting from my cable internet supplier for $3.00/month. You have to call your internet provider so they can do whatever they do to activate the modem in their system, which is easy enough–the tech guy I was talking to basically informed me that this is one of the best on the market.
-DRG (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from
This is the modem that Comcast prefers and I bought it on Amazon at a savings of over $25 from buying it at Bestbuy (Comcast provider). Easy to install and works perfect. Just make sure you call Comcast and give them the number on the back of the modem so they can reset your account. We have not had one moment of problem with it and I wouldn’t call myself a computer savy person. I just wanted to buy preferred equipment at a savings and found Amazon had the best price. I paired this with a Linksys Cable/DSL Router with a 4 port 10/100 switch so my husband and I could both be on our computers at the same time without having to have a network established. Like I said, we haven’t had a moments problem with either one of them.
-K. Mullen (SB5101 Motorola Modem user review from

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