Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

New Belkin Routers come with built-in Apps

Belkin has announced a bunch of next generation routers under a new lineup dubbed NetNext. Belkin claims that new NetNext range of Wi-Fi routers are meant for all - from newbies to technology enthusiasts. The new 802.11n range of Wi-Fi products lineup include Basic, Surf, Share and Play Max routers, modem routers and wireless USB client adapters.

Usually, consumers don't bother to know if it is a 802.11 a/b/g/n router that they are buying. After buying the router, hooking up correct cables and configuring them could be really frustrating. However, Belkin's new 802.11n range of NetNext routers, modems and wireless USB Client Adapters come pre-wired so you don't have to worry about which wire goes where. Also, the pre-installed utility 'Easy Start' allows a quick set up of wireless network in a matter of few minutes. Even the security of network will be taken care of with the preset security settings in it.

Furthermore, if you wish to spend your free time watching videos online, the Video Max feature will auto-tune the Wi-Fi Settings for the hiccup-free video streaming.

The built-in apps in these four routers allow detection and solving network problems automatically. These new Wi-Fi products come with a different set of applications which serve as features to fit the user's requirement. Out of the four models, only Share and Play Max models come with apps.

List of apps:
  • Print Genie: Share a USB printer with multiple PCs.
  • Memory Safe: Automatically backs up files every hour to an external USB drive.
  • Music Mover: Streams music from PCs and gaming consoles.
  • Daily DJ: Creates a playlist based on genre, much like the iTunes Genius feature.
  • Music Labeler: Labels your music using information from the Internet.
  • Bit Boost: Automatically prioritizes data traffic for video, gaming and VoIP.
  • Torrent Genie: Downloads torrent files to a connected external harddisk.

For security, Belkin will use random passwords and SSIDs printed on a card for the respective router. It would be the user's responsibility to store the card in safe place. With these new easy-to-use routers, you can stream MP3/videos wirelessly and even share files.

All four NetNext routers come with five Ethernet ports. Share and Play Max carry one USB port each.

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