Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Makes the BlackBerry as a modem for the iPad

Apart from the existence of pro and cons about iPad presence, it seems the latest tablet device from Apple has brought new waves around the world, not only those users who feel eiphoeria with this iPad presence, even some computer manufacturers have chimed in to make a similar device.
And the most exciting thing for us is, that the BlackBerry device was very friendly with the iPad, so we can make the BlackBerry as a modem (tethering modem) to access the Internet using the iPad. By using the WiFi feature also owned a BlackBerry and iPad apparently this can be done, and this method becomes warm conversation at one of the leading BlackBerry forums.
To do this, we are required to download an application called iBluever cydia and install it on iPad device and install the application on the BlackBerry, called PDANet (maybe we are not unfamiliar with the last application, yaahh, it was never used on Palm devices, long before the BlackBerry comes … oops).

After all applications were installed on each device so we can activate the WiFi on the iPad. For the record, we must have access to Internet data packets using Internet access using a BlackBerry, because it makes data access a BlackBerry with a BlackBerry device as a modem does not enter into the unlimited data package (yes, I know most readers know this Twitteling .. ;) ). For more details, we observe there are good references are the steps to do it through a forum that I meant earlier.

Good news for those iPod Touch users, that the tricks above can also be used for the iPod touch device and not just for the iPad. although the connection is not as fast as 3G connectivity but is more than enough to connect the iPad or iPod Touch with the virtual world while it is far from a WiFi connection.

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