Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Surfboard Sb5120 Cable Modem

I have read the instructions carefully but I get stumped on how to connect my DVD player directly to the internet. My poor little mind just cannot comprehend. I have a Motorola sb5120 Surfboard Cable Modem and no Router. I tried to copy the information onto the CD as they requested on the website but the DVD player says it does not accept CDs.
Here is the website that explains.... but I am stumped!
Any help would be appreciated.
I know...I am obviously confused. Check out the website link that explains it all. Hopefully that will clear things up.

Your question might need to be reworded, or you are terribly confused as I certainly am right now.
How can you save a program, using a DVD PLAYER and trying to put it on a CD?
The rest is such a mess that I can't or won't even comment on it except to ask, please get someone (who knows a little bit about downloading and burning to DVD or cd"s) to come to your house and show them what you have and let them try to sort it out for you.


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