Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

iPhone 4 Wi-Fi (Wireless Issues)

I bet money many of new iPhone 4 users will encounter Wi-Fi (Wireless) issues. Well I am here to help you a bit with those iPhone Wi-Fi problems.

First if your connection is secured first steps you should do is:

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Wi-FI

3. Click on Your Wireless

4. Punch in your WEP key

5. Connect to it.

Still have issues?

Unplug from power from: Modem, Router (Shut down Pc’s / Mac’s if you can or want to).

Wait about 1 minute, plug-in power back to your modem wait about 30 seconds, then plugin power on your router , and redo the steps above (skip step 4 if your network is not secured)

If you still have issues, possible problem is that your router has MAC filtering turned on , which basically blocks all devices that MAC addresses are not added. So you might want to check that. If you get 169.x.x.x iP posible chance is that you are not getting an IP from your router, in that case please do shut down ALL your devices down modem, router, pc’s …repeat the steps above but turn try connecting with iPhone first before you turn on any pc’s/Mac’s.

If you still have issues, please leave a comment below, I will be glad to help.

I will update this article over the next few days with a lot more info.

By the way did you know that I helped over 1000 iPod Touch users with Wireless Issue? (Well now you know)

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