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Create a Personal Hotspot with Your USB Modem or Phone

Cardle Point

There are numerous methods out there for sharing your connectivity wealth and we have covered a lot of them at SimpleMobileReview. Let me introduce you to my current favorite: the Cradlepoint PHS300 3G/4G Personal WiFi Hotspot. This device is about the same size as my Motorola Droid and sports a USB port, into which I can insert my Mobile Broadband device or tether my phone. It supports several dozen devices from multiple Carriers and Vendors, so take a look at the list and see if yours is supported. This version of the device supports 4G devices from Sprint. In a way, this is very similar to a MiFi device, with a couple of noted exceptions: I can remove my USB Modem and use it in other fashions and this device includes a removable battery. And, yes, it was fairly inexpensive to purchase a second battery so that I don’t have to go looking for a power outlet unless I want to.


The PHS300 Personal WiFi Hotspot is a true plug ‘n’ play solution that creates a powerful 3G/4G WiFi network almost anywhere. Connect all your WiFi enabled devices by simply plugging in your activated USB data modem* and turning on the PHS300. It’s that easy! No more searching for a hotspot, you are one!


Our most portable WiFi router, the PHS300 comes standard with a Li Ion battery providing hours of access when no power outlets are in sight. At just under 3” x 5” it’s a perfect solution for those on the go. Take the PHS300 everywhere you need Internet access.


This high-performance router platform, powered by WiPipe™ technology, supports multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, plus encryption modes including WEP, WPA and WPA2. Now you can confidently access the Internet and share your connection with friends, family or colleagues on the road, in the office and at home.


  • Up to 150 feet of WiFi Range (you can configure this down to save battery: just choose how far you want your signal to travel)
  • Connect up to 16 Devices
  • Battery Powered For Portability
  • Hours of WiFi with your 3G/4G Handset/Data Modem
  • Secure Out Of The Box – You Choose Who Connects To Your WiFi (either setup security or specify the MAC addresses)
  • Tethers to select Smartphones or over 100 USB Modems for WiFi access anywhere you have coverage
  • Compact Size You Can Take Anywhere
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards
  • Take it Anywhere with Rechargeable, Replaceable Batteries and an Auto Power Adapter

The PHS300 has been designed for this specific purpose and you can tell it right away. The throughput is outstanding. The wealth of security options is nice and you can really tune this to your specific needs. Once setup, you plug in your USB Modem and flip the power switch and you should be online and good to go in less than 10 seconds. I can do it that fast on my computer as I have to run the Modem program first. I was lucky and got my CradlePoint PHS300 on Amazon for $99 despite the unit retail price of $179.99 If you have a need for something like this, I highly recommend this solution. It really gives you the best of all worlds. Enjoy!

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