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DOCSIS 2.0 High-Speed Cable Modem - DCM-202

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Key Features

Cable Modem
Transmission Line
Downstream Speed
43 Mbps
Upstream Speed
10.24 Mbps
PC, Mac, Unix

Supported Standards

Cable Modem Standards


4.72 in.
5.59 in.
1.18 in.
0.66 lb.


1 Year


Package Qty.

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In Oct 2006, we decided to leave Verizon DSL and switched our high-speed internet service to Comcast Cable High-Speed Internet because I had a very bad experience with the Verizon customer service people regarding the DSL and phone issue.

Anyway, I called Comcast up and Comcast charged me $19.95 to set everything up at our condo, they spent at least 2 hours to run a cable from downstairs to upstairs room. I thought it was worth it$19.95 for 2 hours of installation service.

They asked me whether I wanted to rent a modem for $4.95/month or I could go to Best Buy and buy my own modem for $79.95. It made sense to buy my own modem because $4.95*12/month=$59.49/year and $59.49*2/years=$118/2years, so buying the modem would be cheaper than renting it.

What happened next?

I went to a Best Buy and bought the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem because it was the only one that was on the shelf. I gave the cable modem to the Comcast technician and the technician connected the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem to our D-LINK wireless router and everything worked great!

What do I like about the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem?

There is really nothing much to say about this modem, because once you take it out of the box, you just have to connect it straight from the wall cable connector to your computer or you can connect it to your wireless router if you want to have a wireless internet access at your house.

- I really love the slim design. It is very light and it looks good.

- It works flawlessly since Oct 2006 without any major problems, except the minor lost connection problem once in a while.

- It is very easy to install and setup.

What I don't like about the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem?

If you read the other reviews, the main major complaint about the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem is, the modem sometimes drops the cable connection!

- The modem sometimes will disconnect itself from the router and I have to turn the modem off fop 30 seconds, turn the router off for 30 seconds, and turn the modem on and the router on again to gain new IP address.

- I guess, this modem needs to be restarted by turning it on and off every month or 2 months to make sure it will run properly.

- It does get very hot and once it is hot, you will lose your internet connection. It is very annoying and the solution is to take the power cord off the modem and let it sit there for 30 minutes to cool it off, and you can plug it back in.

Will I recommend the D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem to my friends and family?

I have mixed feeling about this modem, I am not really sure if I want to tell you to buy it because it does have problems, but so far for more than 1 year, it is still running smoothly. I guess, if you need a modem really bad, it is not a bad modem to get.


The D-link (DCM-202) Cable Modem is a pretty reliable modem, because it is still running for more than a year now and once in a while, the connection of the modem will be lost and you need to restart the modem by turning it off. So far, there is no major problems with our Comcast High-Speed Internet Cable connection and the Comcast technician doesn't seem to mind about the model. So thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been very helpful. Have a great day!


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