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Deltenna Claim WiBE Gadget Delivers Stable 2Mbps Broadband to UK Rural Areas Claim WiBE Gadget Delivers Stable 2Mbps Broadband to UK Rural Areas

Deltenna, a UK start-up that designs and manufactures wireless networking infrastructure and access points, has launched a small (18cm x 13cm) new self-install Wireless Broadband Enabler (WiBE) gadget that uses the 3G Mobile Broadband network to create a 2Mbps internet Hotspot. The key advantage of WiBE is that it can still work even where a 3G mobile phone can't register a signal.

The WiBE device works by automatically identifying the mobile cell with the fastest available download speed and configures its aerials to achieve the best possible connection. Deltenna claims that it can even deliver a data throughput 30-times greater than a 3G USB modem (dongle) in areas of weak signal.

wibe uk broadband deltenna

The maximum throughput for WiBE is 7.2Mbps and "extensive rural usage tests in the UK" have allegedly demonstrated an average download speed of 2.8Mbps. A future 4G (LTE) device is also in development for 2011 and could achieve typical rural broadband speeds of 50Mbps and above. However it is highly unlikely that any mobile operator would actually be able to support that speed in real-world conditions, at least not for quite a few years.

Andrew Fox, CEO of Deltenna, said:

"There are still millions of people throughout Europe and the US for whom fast broadband is a myth. The WiBE's range and throughput means broadband can more easily, and cost effectively, be deployed in regions that don't have access to DSL."

WiBE is Plug and Play (PnP): users plug in the device, place it on a windowsill and connect their laptops, smartphones and VoIP phones from anywhere in the home or office via Wi-Fi. In that respect it is similar to the MiFi devices from Three (3) , although they lack WiBE's many signal boosting advantages.

The connection range is apparently up to five-times that of a 3G Mobile Broadband USB Modem (dongle). Pretty good for rural residents and it could even have applications in other areas. It will also take a standard SIM card from your operator. What Deltenna wouldn't say is how much it costs.

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