Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Cricket Wireless Broadband Review UM185C Modem 3G reviews Cricket Wireless Broadband 3G using the UM185C modem. Essentially Cricket Broadband 3G internet is a good supplement to anyone’s internet service. It works perfectly for travel (provided you are traveling within Cricket’s coverage) to check & reply to your e-mail, light web browsing, occasional you tube watching, downloading a quick song and misc. other reasons. This will certainly not replace your everyday internet connection but it supplements it perfectly. Our tests showed that the UM185C modem worked perfectly throughout Southern California (San Diego) and Las Vegas. Average speeds were comparable with low level DSL. To use the USB modem you simply plug it in, install some software, register the modem and you are browsing the internet shortly thereafter.Cricket broadband advertises it is unlimited. However, they allow you a total transfer of 5GB then they begin to throttle or slow-down your connection to prevent bandwidth hogging. This 5GB limit should be okay for most travelers and is another reason why this won’t replace your home broadband anytime soon. Overall this is the perfect solution for the occasional traveler becauseCricket Wireless requires no signed contracts. Therefore you can use it one month and cancel it then reactive it the next month you travel. If you haveCricket broadband service available in your area you should certainly check it out. IF you are looking for something to compare it with we would suggest

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