Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Clear Wireless Internet Now Here

Harrisburg, Pa. - A new service in our area has internet speeds as fast as a cable modem, but there's no cable involved at all.

Maybe you've seen the displays popping up in electronics stores all over the area,
like the green tent at Harrisburg Radio Lab. Or maybe you've seen the TV commercials.

Clear is a wireless, 4-g internet service that's just hitting our area.

"It's wireless right to the modem and then it's at broadband speed, so it's just as fast as your major service providers like Comcast and Verizon," said Shawn Bechtel of Radio Lab.

That means no service person visits your home. You just take the modem home and plug it in. Not only is Clear wireless, it's home internet service is about $30 a month, considerably less than broadband cable internet service.

You can add home phone service too. By plugging a module into a laptop, and with the proper service plan, Clear can also be used away from home, anywhere in the coverage area.

The company's website,, shows where their internet service is available in our area. Harrisburg, York and Lancaster are good to go. The best thing to do, is check the map to see if where you live, is in the green area.

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