Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

CLEAR 4G Wimax USB Modem Comparison of the PXU1900 vs. Motorola USBw 25100

In February 2010, CLEAR released a new 4G USB modem in some markets, the Ubee PXU1900 made by a company called Ubee Interactive in Taiwan. The new modem has a fold-over USB connector that allows the device to be plugged in at an angle, and a much larger flashing LED light that rivals that of a disco dance strobe light if you use it in the dark or low light conditions. This modem can be used with an optional docking station to create a stronger antenna system. We were able to get an advance copy and used it to make this short video to show you the LED light on the new and comparing it with the old USB modem. U Bee the judge. Visit www.WiMAXSATX.com for more details about this comparison and CLEAR services in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Video Source URL : Watch this video on youtube.com

Watch more? : http://bit.ly/wimaxvideo

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