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Beceem and Gemtek Set 4G-WiMAX Modem Production Milestone

TAIPEI, Taiwan - (Business Wire) Beceem’s customer Gemtek, a leading provider of Telecommunications Devices, today announced that it has used more than 500,000 of Beceem’s industry-leading 4G-WiMAX chips, including the BCS5200 CPE chipset and BCSM250 single-chip for mobile solutions. Gemtek’s WIXB-175 and WIXB-180 CPEs are based on the BCS5200 and are WiMAX Forum Certified™ for 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz band operation respectively, and the WIXUBB-104 USB dongle is based on the BCSM250 and is WiMAX Forum Certified™ for 2.5GHz. Building on the current success of its first-generation WiMAX products, Gemtek has recently adopted Beceem’s new BCSx350 dual-core chip with Twin Turbo uplink capabilities, which should enable Gemtek to build even more advanced and differentiated devices to further grow its shipments and market share in the 4G-WiMAX market.

“Gemtek has a long history of leading the Taiwan ODM ecosystem in many technologies like WiFi and IPTV, and now we are establishing our leadership in WiMAX,” said James Ting, General Manager, Broadband Wireless System BU at Gemtek. “Beceem is one of our strategic WiMAX partners to deliver leading-edge products to operators like Clearwire, Open Range and BSNL, and we have chosen Beceem due to the performance leadership and maturity of its products. Beceem’s solutions allow us to deliver the kind of high-performance, stable and cost-effective products that operators and end users demand.”

“Gemtek’s success in quickly delivering high-performance devices at commercial volumes is based on its outstanding engineering capabilities, and the unprecedented level of functionality and integration of our chipsets,” said David Carroll, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Beceem. “We are excited to be a trusted partner for Gemtek and look forward to continued market success of its upcoming BCSx350-based 4G-WiMAX modems that will enable peak WiMAX performance while simultaneously supporting routing and voice services along with WiFi functionality in a single chip, which is crucial for delivering high-performance and low-cost solutions.”

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Beceem is a leading provider of 4G semiconductors and offers a number of single-chip solutions optimized for mobile devices and CPE markets. Beceem’s products are WiMAX certified, exclusively power the CLEAR and Sprint 4G networks in the United States and are validated against the WiMAX base stations from major OEMs. http://www.beceem.com/

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