Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

3 Ireland introduces €9.99 mobile broadband

3 Ireland introduces €9.99 mobile broadband

Mobile telecoms operator 3 Ireland has introduced a new post pay mobile broadband bundle called 3 Broadband Light for €9.99 a month.

Students and moderate users of broadband can take advantage of 3 Broadband Light's offer of 1GB of data per month plus modem prices ranging from €29 to €49 but those that surf plenty, download lots and stream web content will probably want to take advantage of the 3 Broadband Active package that offers 15GB of data per month with modem prices ranging from free to €29.

The third plan on 3 Ireland's new, tiered mobile broadband offering is 3 Broadband Pro, which gives 30GB of data at a special promotional rate of €26.24 until 30 July with a free modem, which reverts to €34.99 thereafter.

And if you go crazy on your 1GB plan and download/stream/surf more than you meant to there is a €60 cap on out of bundle charges.

By Marie Boran

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