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Connection with wvdial (SuSE)

If during the installation using the default SuSE option, should have been installed wvdial. To call in two ways (both with the root user):

* Through yast-system-configure PPP administration network

* Direct wvdial.lxdialog typing in a shell prompt.

# Wvdial.lxdialog

Soon the screen will appear WvDial Configuration V 1:20. Following a review of the existing menu:

1. Change the language of SuSE WvDial

Choosing WvDial configuration language. The available languages are English, German and Spanish.

2. Configure the current profile

The main setting to make the connection to your ISP. Consists of:

a. Phone number: 1234567 (insert your phone number)

b. Account Name: Fade (user name at your ISP)

c. Password: linuxispower (password to contact the ISP)

d. Automatic control (Select this if your ISP supports automatic DNS.
If not, you can instantly fill / etc / resolv.conf through YaST
or manual)

e. Dial method (method call, using a dial tone or pulse dial)

f. PAP / CHAP authentification (authentication method. Another option is
CompuServe, Germany T-Online and the Non-Standard Login to ISP
that do not support the model of PAP / CHAP).

3. Autodetectmodem

WvDial will try to detect all serial port to find the modem.

4. Configure DNS with YaST

If the previous option you do not enable DNS (in case your ISP does not support DNS automatically), then you can configure here. The point is to write the server name in the file / etc / resolv.conf

5. Run WvDial

The Internet to try to contact the configuration you just created.

In addition, SuSE WvDial include some documentation that can be read directly through the menu:

1. Show the README.SuSE for WvDial

Statements and some simple guidelines about the use of SuSE WvDial for SuSE.

2. Show the trouble shooting files

Some examples of possible error messages / error message

3. Show the original WvDial README

Original README file included in WvDial sources.

4. An alternative load profile

Utilizing wvdial.conf already diseting by other parties

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