Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Why Comcast Needs Competition...Badly

As an Internet service goes down, you should know about it first? In Seattle, there is no Internet provider Comcast. Your customers failures.
This morning, the seat SunBreak, many offices in Seattle, was abuzz with complaints about our business class Internet Comcast High Speed. Parties were deadlocked, instant messaging clients that were not charged, was nearly the speed of molasses slow. After performing traditional rites and spells (unplug the modem and the router, restart the laptop) had no improvement.
I had limited connectivity, so Comcast status verified: all green! But to say, "Please sign on the local networks for health news, so I tried to know everything is still green. It was time to try online support. 15 people were in the queue before me, it took 5-10 minutes for my customer service has to wonder how I was. Slow Internet Service? If I had tried everything unplugged? Oh. I what? Well, maybe I could give my name and account number. Well, if I wait a few minutes while she stood in my mind ...
While this was happening, I was doing my Twitter account to see if anyone had questions and TechFlash Twitter "Comcast cutting in parts of Seattle." No matter, I told the bot, default is on your side, and closed the session. Meanwhile ComcastWA TechFlash Twitter is John Cook said it was "to check what is happening." This was about an hour in my experience, and was the first tweet from ComcastWA on the subject.
Until 10:30 the clock snafu was resolved, and @ comcastcares someone sent me a tweet to let me know. (What, you know, thanks, but I can say that the Internet works.) What is not explained why the state Comcast cards are green while stopped or why aid workers told people to unplug their modems and routers in the first place.
You may be thinking, Hey, come on, that is 90 minutes of your day. But what I think of how much time was lost cumulatively in Seattle this morning, largely because people had not been sure that was the problem. An early announcement, all hands on deck, Comcast would have been helpful. Seems a little crazy that a company offering Internet services is not very good at using the Internet.
But what can you do? No more agile competitor in the wings, as the Seattle City Council agreed signs ten-year franchise with Comcast. Ten years! It seems that both could happen in the market in ten years. This is the time to go to an out of business.
So we have our money value? Do you know what the city's aggressive lobbying for the extension of the agreement in 2006? An increase in the budget for the television channel of the exploration community. Four years later, the Committee is largely defunded. Here's an ironic quote from then-Mayor Nickels seems to purpose: "The franchise also are for the next 10 years." (No, SCAN!)
The city now wants to use the TV money to fund its Community e-mail system. This is not ... large. Why? Since Comcast can read. And when they learn that the funding of basic information systems of their city franchise fees, they give what is called "multiplier effect" on the negotiating table. You can hang like a limpet to a source of income is not seen as a tax gives the city a little more incentive than ever to open, cable competition. After all, the only loser here is the people of Seattle, and do not know what the hand of the city at 4.2 percent out of pocket.

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