Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Cisco-Linksys BEFCMU10 Ethernet Cable Modem

Linksys Cable Modem Ethernet BEFCMU10
Are you ready to upgrade to broadband? The EtherFast Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet connection from Linksys is the perfect solution for quick and easy Internet browsing connection.Now best of the Internet and the Web at speeds you never thought possible. Cable modem Internet access means no wait for downloads of earlier versions, the graphically intensive Web pages load in seconds.
And if you are looking for comfort and affordability, the EtherFast Cable USB Modem really delivers. Installation is quick and easy. The EtherFast Cable Plug & Play USB Modem connects directly to any USB-ready PC just plug it in and you can surf the web. O come! Your LAN through a router, speed, and share with everyone in your network.
So if you're ready to enjoy the speed of broadband Internet, then you're ready for the EtherFast Cable Modem with USB and Ethernet connection from Linksys. It is the easiest and cheapest to realize the full potential of Internet use.

Easy to install-a call to your Internet service provider is to establish
* "Always" eliminates concerns with busy signals and wait times
* Much faster and download files such as dial-up Internet
* Integration with Linksys router
Product Description
If you're tired of poor performance and frustration of 56k modems and Internet provider dial-up, then your salvation is coming here in the form of Linksys EtherFast Cable Modem BEFCMU10. With a cable modem is always connected to the Internet speed and experience many times the Standa! RD 56k modem. And it is easy to use. Just plug and! Listening device to a USB port on your PC. You can even connect the Ethernet port or an optional Linksys router to easily share an Internet connection through the home page. Weight - a pound.

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