Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

HSPA+ modem is smaller, generates less heat

ST-Ericsson is launching a power efficient and compact HSPA+ modem capable of transmitting data at of up to 21Mbit/s. Said to consume up to 50% less power than competing devices, the M5730 will enable ST-Ericsson\'s customers to produce small, affordable and power efficient HSPA+ smartphones, USB dongles and embedded modules.

\"We have made a breakthrough in HSPA+ modem engineering that is enabling our customers to produce sleek devices offering both high transmission speeds and long battery lives,\" claimedMagnus Hansson, head of ST-Ericsson\'s LTE and 3G Modem Solutions division.

HSPA+ modem is smaller generates less heatThe two chip modem is also the smallest such solution to date. Alongside reducing the bill of materials for device manufacturers, it generates low levels of heat, enabling it to be embedded in a range of devices.
It uses the 64QAM advanced modulation technique, bringing higher average throughputs and enabling more efficient use of the spectrum. According to ST-Ericsson, field tests have shown an average increase in spectral efficiency of 30%.


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