Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

The advanced modem solution is researched and analysed

Intersil company may happen to enter the video simulcast of the simulation of a coaxial CVBS and advanced modem solutions for the sign of the IP video set - Intersil Techwell SLOC ™ (normal coaxial line insurance). Techwell Intersil SLOC ™ (Insurance normal coaxial line), the solution provides a touch of modern research megapixel cameras, closed circuit television use existing coaxial infrastructure and should not use the new route or revise any of the cables, that the resource costs and everything.
In addition, closed circuit television service, but no interference with the existing Techwell Intersil device that supports the function of the number of IP camera on the existing infrastructure is based coaxial circuits. In addition, the simulation of embedded video does not figure to see CVBS delay IP cameras and real-time control has. In this way, manufacturers monitor the opportunity to design and simulation support undelelayed combine CCTV and effective system of monitoring joint function of the role of IP surveillance network now.
This modular solution to the MODEM camera set PHY device demodulating TW3801 SLOC modular device and a group of receivers demodulate SLOC PHY MODEM device group to prepare a TW3811. Offer based on Intersil technology Techwell, TW3801 and trade, go to the intersection of intellectual property and the ability of the security system of the intersection of traditional analog system, and ensure the perfect partnership TW3811 control. SLOC fully exploit technology already installed coaxial infrastructure and the role of IP, network support, it is necessary to design IP camera or DVR (digital video) is the major design change right.
TW3801 and TW3811 are modular integrated modem device demodulator PHY subsystems, including the end (AFE), before a simulation that has a digital modem nothing to do with two media Ethernet interface (MII). composite signal and the signal from the network ether MII TW3801 that make him a passport and leave the signal received from exclusive permeable coaxial 12:59. TW3811 and decodes the signal received at SLOC MODEM modulate demodulate technical camera PHY IC device group as a simulation of composite and Ethernet MII signal. This allows the client to get to your current system based on analog technology to improve system function rich IP security, including the role undelelayed.
SLOC Intersil solution that can use the IP camera and run high-performance receiver and reliable communication over coaxial cable of 500 meters. 36Mbps down of performance achieved "From camera to the receiver), up to 11 Mbps performance chain reached" the receiver to the camera)
Price and sales situationRange of 100 - now TQFP (12 × 12 mm) capped TW3801 and TW3811 formal project sample. Sample produces enormous amounts of time and leave for the first quarter of 2011 is completely booked out. While in 1000 as a reference to the unity and order, the trigger price of $ 35 chipset.

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