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How Does Verizon FiOS Stack Up Against the Competition?

The latest Verizon FiOS review indicates that the service is not only expanding geographically, but it is growing in terms of its offerings. Here is what is on tap and how it compares to the average DSL or Cable service that offer VoIP/IPTV/broadband:
• Broadband Speeds - Verizon FiOS is already being field tested with speeds in excess of 900 Mbps. Cable modem services using the new MOCAS 2.x specifications are hitting speeds of up to 800 Mbps on the downstream and nearly 100 Mbps on the upstream, and Phantom Mode DSL is already up and running at 400/10 per line or 200 symmetrical. Bonding lines in the fashion that AT&T is doing may offer up to 400 Mbps of symmetrical speed or 800/20 Mbps worth of performance. The bottom line is that any of these offerings is enough to stress just about any computer out, so they are more than sufficient for today and the near-future.
• Channels - The nation's largest consumer-grade fiber optic carrier is going to be getting some of the first 3D channels and already has an impressive array of channels. Some of the competition has comparable offerings, but only top tier providers.
• VoIP - VoIP is more or less VoIP and it is difficult to praise or find fault with any major provider's digital telephone offerings.
• Home security - One area where FiOS plans on offering something new is in the remote home security side of the fence. No other major player seems to be doing this, but it might just be a matter of time until that changes.
• Power management too - Entire house power management and smart girds are the future and Verizon is poised to be one of the first companies to offer facility-level power management than can be set to dim compatible lights at certain times, change temperatures when nobody is home and so on.
• Other features - Some of the competition, such as U-verse, has unique features that FiOS lacks, but FiOS's own unique set of features is likely to become a template for integrated home services: remote DVR management, mobile DVR management (via smartphones/tablets), caller ID/call waiting integration with the STB, and even intelligent apps part of an attractive package.
Check out the latest Verizon FiOS Review to see of the nation's largest fiber optic network is right for you!

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