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Verizon joining Sprint, T-Mobile in Seattle's 4G swim

The announcement last week by Verizon that it intends its launch 4G wireless network cell in Seattle later this year - a market of new technologies here and offered by Sprint and T-Mobile - is a good indication that the race to hook customers on wireless technology with speeds to rival home networking and the workplace Wi-Fi is intense.
AT & T Mobility, the exclusive rights now for the popular iPhone, as reported in the 4G contest in 2011.
With 4G (fourth generation) wireless technology in mobile phones, tablet or laptop, consumers must download speeds and capacity of the network of live television, high definition movies in real time, video games, solid player role or treat similar services.
Most of today's smart phones like the iPhone or Droid X support 3G service, which provides about 1.5 to 2.5 megabits of data per second, sufficient for most Internet services. Each company is different, which is below the top of its 3G service, the name is a symbol of competition between the airlines themselves how to prepare for future 4G.
The high-speed figures released by the company range mean little to the average consumer in the daily use of mobile: the speed of a user experience are generally lower than the theoretical maximum range in your location, device, traffic network, etc, depending
To check the actual speed of the 3G network to this article, this author tested his iPhone from AT & T and Verizon Droid X in a place near his home in Mukilteo, where both registered phones 5 bars, or connectivity of all strength. I have internet speed Verizon for phone and free applying the iTunes store with the AT & T cell phone. The results showed that the AT & T receives / iPhone 2.5 MBs received the Verizon / Droid X 1.92 MBS. These speeds are sufficient to surf the Internet or even watch streaming videos and TV programs on my phone.
By contrast, offer 4G mobile services in general, more than 10 megabits per second (MBS) in its upper range. Between 3.5 and 4.5 mbs is generally considered the threshold for the live broadcast of high definition movies for smooth, uninterrupted look, so that the flow of data could fit on your phone, or in some cases superior broadband service at home.
Two competing 4G network technologies seeking market dominance: LTE (Long Term Evolution), followed by Verizon, AT & T and T-Mobile support, and WiMax, backed by Sprint and Clearwire, based in Kirkland. (Clearwire is building the country for Sprint's WiMAX network, Sprint is the majority shareholder of Clearwire.) What technique is superior remains highly questionable, with LTE and WiMax in favor of any declaration of victory.
Verizon announced on October 6, which is its 4G LTE service available in Seattle at the end of the year and offers speeds of 5 to 12 mbs. expected range is approximately Lynnwood in the north to the south of Fife, the coastline west of Seattle and Redmond, Issaquah and East. Coverage also in Auburn, Bellevue, Bothell, Burien, Covington, Des Moines, Edmonds, Federal Way, Kenmore, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Iceland, Mill Creek, Renton, Sammamish, SeaTac, South Everett, Tukwila available, and Woodinville .
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is included in the buildout. The service was launched nationally in 38 cities and 60 commercial airports.
A Verizon spokesman said the first devices available USB modems and devices air cards for laptops and similar devices. 4G phones will be sometime in the year 2011, early 2011 was not the expected delivery time.
Sprint has been offering 4G mobile service in Seattle since the fall of 2009 with the rate of 3 to 10 mbs. The company currently offers two dual-network phones, both are 4G and 3G network coverage, the EVO Android-based HTC and Samsung Epic, and a variety of double network of plug-in modem for portable devices such as laptops.
T-Mobile, though not confirmed a small "mbs theoretical peak performance of 21-speed performance in the mobile phone market bruises, its HSPA has had a 4G network in Seattle since June 2010, the company literature as, But a spokesman for his real speed 4G. The company offers two 4G phones based on Android, the G2 and myTouch both manufactured by HTC and sold a 4G mobile USB modem plug-in.
While AT & T announced its 4G plans this year, said a company spokesman, the airline and rebuild its infrastructure in the Seattle area and a software update for its introduction 2011th
In anticipation of people's concerns about new technologies make obsolete their mobile phones are the phone companies to the public that both the LTE and WiMAX to enable 3G phones work in the world 4G and 4G mobile phones are compatible backward, if your customers simply are lost 3G signal areas. If customers have to 4G mobile some problems with the quality of the signal when switching between 4G to 3G signals is an apple of discord between the different companies: Part of the war in low telemarketers who try to take full advantage of its competitors - even in esoteric matters.
Smartphone customers in the four major telephone companies currently enjoy an unlimited data service for 3G phones. In the field of 4G, Sprint and T-Mobile 3G and 4G are unlimited plans, Verizon has their prices and data policies to announce its new service.
A note of caution: the unlimited service only applies to text, "all you can eat data plans are not necessarily related to the establishment of a wireless data plan for a laptop. The rational buyer has to understand the limits of its line of wireless broadband super-fast, if your wireless laptop is connected to the Internet. either payment or a slowdown in service, depending on each company's individual actions: It may be a price to pay.
The saying "the devil in the details" is alive and well at the dawn of 4G wireless era. Thus, "no guarantee" - the buyer beware - if anyone has any questions.ListenRead phonetically

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