Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Movistar offers 3G modem and data rate of 500 MB

in case you had any doubt that in Spain the battle of the operators to be the number one in mobile internet is more alive than ever, Movistar fights to other operators with a data rate and a 3G modem combo are quite interesting.

The combination Movistar is selling the 3G modem ZTE MF190, A fairly modem used by Movistar always offer “a gift” when you make a purchase of a mobile. You add a data rate that provides 500MB of download rate reduction to 128Kbps when you go over this limit, but that never cuts off the connection. That if this modem is basic HSDPA, offering a speed of only 1MB 3MB downstream and upstream, which now in mobile connections in Spain is a bit slow.

All for 19 euros a month no commitment to stay, Which is probably the most important supply. But if we compare … Yoigo offers 3GB of downloads per 30 €. Simyo offers 5GB of downloads for 25 € with modem included or the 1GB for 17 €.

But still supply Movistar’s not bad, keep in mind that you have access to Wi-Fi network for Movistar in Spain.

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