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The all truth abou from MTS and Megafon (Russian operators of 3G Internet)

It all started in December 2009. Then I went to one of the departments (trade places) of MTS and spontaneously decided to buy a new 3G modem. This is a small USB device resembling outwardly stick .. There is inserted sim-card and you can already work with your laptop to the Internet from almost anywhere. You are no longer tied to the wire, you need not stumble on the cords in the flat. Rasprobovat always wanted, what is the wireless Internet.

I tested it and what can I say? USB-modem E1550 from MTS with the emblem of the red eggs (look at the picture) cost me 890 rubles (it is 30$). Another 1000 rubles, I immediately put myself on the account that was enough for a couple of months of unlimited internet. And then it began.
Since I’m very spontaneous, I immediately as discovered that the modem can plug the MicroSD-card and turn the modem is still in the stick, I went and bought this MicroSD card for the modem. It cost just a little less than 500 rubles. Well, what I saw on the Internet that modem HUAWEI E1550 suitable MicroSD-card size of not more than 4 gigabytes. If you would have bought 8 or 16 gigabytes, then obviously they would not work.

Before continuing my story, I want to mention one fact shy. Although the modem and dyeing firm red egg, and the inscription “MTS”, but the modem does not produce MTS, and some little-known firm HUAWEI, which makes modems in China. I am not versed in electronics and communication devices quite well, but something tells me that we could produce and own the modem here in Russia. Oh well. In fairness, I note that Megafon and MTS as well as taking the modem HUAWEI E-1550, makes the case for its corporate image, puts an indicator of its corporate green instead of red like MTS and also sells under its own brand of modem. I suspect that the Beeline situation is the same, though I do not know.

The surprises started when I got home. First and foremost, I activated the data plan MTS Connect-2, namely the unlimited tariff “Unlimited online, which gives the rate of 512 kilobits per second and 3 gigabytes. If the 3 gigabytes are exhausted, then the rate drops to 64 kilobits :( During all this fun will have to pay 545 rubles a month. Quite expensive. The quality of the Internet was more or less, although in the daytime the speed is not always as high as 512 kilobits per second. But it’s still not scary. The real problem I had with the card MicroSD. Firstly, when you insert the memory card into the modem, then the cap, which should close simcard and inserted memory card is simply not up close! Funny, is not it? That is, if I want to use the modem as a USB flash drive, then I’ll have to accept that memory and simcard are in open-air position. It’s not very convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

But it’s not so scary. The most interesting thing that the memory card has not been determined nor on my laptop with MacOS or PC with Windows 7, nor on Windows XP computers in the institute. That is, I paid 500 rubles for the stick, which does not work with my modem. I checked the memory stick separately without a modem, this Micro SD card was quite serviceable. Tested on my camera, an old Canon PowerShot A550. Fortunately, that was included adapter. But you know, pull the modem as a USB flash drive and carry bulky old foto-devixe, who works at the such a huge battery itself rather big – they are two big differences. A fly is also a mobile reader, becausethe modem is not luck – it’s spending.

In general, I’m on this thing scored. But then I thought, and yet also came to the conclusion that 545 rubles a month for the internet – it’s expensive. At this point I was prompted classmates and teacher, who say that the Beeline and Megafon speed better, and prices – below. And I decided to go to the junior rates’ Budget NL “, which is also expensive. For 345 rubles a month you get 128 kilobits per second and 1 GB traffic, after which you are transferring to a 64 kilobits per second. Vobschmem little bit poor, but to work – quite a fine. But you probably know that a stable 128 or 64 kilobits – it’s comfortable. A torn relationship, which is unstable – it’s worse than you can imagine. Vobschem rate was very poor. Sometimes, the page refused to load.Fill the site with the Internet is becoming very difficult. Often, just missing link that very saddened me, because already so much money was plunk in this adventure with a modem. I was planning to abandon the house wired internet TVT, but it was not there.With a wireless connection to work is simply unrealistic. A wire TW is still emits a steady internet.

And here at 11 pm I went to my friend Raphael, who was in Spain last six months on probation. From him I learned that in Spain temeratura in January 1910, and we have -25 Celsius … And he told me that these modems draw quite a stable speed of 70 kilobytes per second. That is, Bole 512 kilobits per second. And burned my idea to try to connect to the Megaphone. Has nothing to lose, I went to the office megaphone, bought the same modem (note, saying that it is possible to flash the modem from the MTS and it will work with non-native Simcoe, but I have not tried to do this), I bought Simka. Modem HUAWEI E1550 there was a bit expensive. And it cost in 1165 rubles, about something not that 100 is not that cost 200 rubles Simca with a balance of 60 rubles to the account (something they have written off for connection to the unlimited tariff). In general, unlimited rate assumes 200 rubles per month subscription fee, 2 gigabytes of traffic at speeds of more megabits per second (up to 3.5 megabits), and then reducing speed to 128 kilobits per second, when I pumped the 2 gigabytes. Hopefully, I’m not completely confused ..

So I came home, stuck in the modem from the ill-fated Megaphone MicroSD-card and the happiness cap in this instance is closed, and she carat memory immediately defined! Already it was pleasant to me. More – more – speed of the Internet turned out to be 3G. Vendors have not cheated, that is strange … Speed just amazing, the Internet is stable. Online video goes with a bang. And the monthly fee of 200 rubles a month – it is quite a bit. Popolzovavshis’ll try and give up the modem seems to MTS, I’ll go dissolve the contract and to refuse heap on the wired Internet Temp. Internet MegaFon faster and cheaper than all competitors in the region. That’s what I understand the competition. This benefits only we, the consumers.

Summing up, I can say that inetrent in Naberezhnye Chelny on Megaphone one of the best. Better than that of MTS, is better than TVT. A MTS rests only on its brand, while unduly inflating the price of services that even eggs are not worth a damn. Many of them refuse the Internet. In any case, in my town.

My adventure has cost 890 rubles for a modem, which will now lie idle, overpaid and 500 rubles for 2 months for not very stable connection.
That’s not counting the cost of the wired Internet, which I refused. In general, due to lower cost bezlimitki in Megafon, 9 months, these costs back through the savings of money, and then I will benefit from further savings.

To be impartial, I want to say that the quality of the Internet depends on the state of networks in your area. You all may be the opposite. MTS may exceed the megaphone. Or even a third type operator Beeline can all tear as Tuzik warmer.Therefore, I advise to ask around friends about the quality of their Internet connection, and about what they have provider. And then make a choice.

So in my case, the quality of MTS was good on an expensive tariff. But of no 3G out of the question. There has never been a speed of 1 megabit and above. Maximum – 512 kilobits. At the cheaper rates the rate of 64 kilobits, I never saw it. Communication was poor. And Megaphone is the cheapest unlimited tariff keeps his 128 kilobits stable, with virtually no complaints. And when you have not downloaded the first 2 gig, the rate sometimes as high as 1.5 megabits, which is nice.

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