Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Security Guard 3: a wireless alarm system with GSM modem from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

  Available now from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services , the Security Guard 3 is a portable battery or mains powered wireless alarm system with a GSM modem built in.

Ideal for use in rental or owner occupied apartments where cabling often poses an issue, these wireless alarm systems feature battery operated motion sensors meaning there is no cabling required. The internal rechargeable battery will keep the alarm functioning without power for up to four months.

The Security Guard 3 has all of the features typically found in most alarm systems, such as a siren and screamer, however these wireless alarm systems stand out as they have a built in GSM modem.

Thanks to the built in GSM modem, when the alarm is activated it will also call any number of pre-programmed phone numbers (including mobiles) until the alarm is answered.

For those who prefer a do-it-yourself alarm system as opposed to a security company monitored system, then the Security Guard 3 wireless alarm system with GSM modem is ideal. Typical users of these alarm systems include:

    * boats
    * mobile homes
    * temporary alarms
    * building sites
    * display homes
    * trucks in transit; and
    * anywhere mains power in unavailable or unreliable.

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