Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

ST-Ericsson makes power claim for HSPA+ modem

ST-Ericsson NV has launched an HSPA+ two-chip modem, the M5730, capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 21-Mbps and claimed it has \"fifty per cent lower power consumption than competing HSPA+ 21Mbps modems available on the market.\"

However, the company did not state how much power the M5730 consumes under what circumstances or which modems it has compared the M5730 against, or what method was used for the comparison. Nor did ST-Ericsson disclose the process technology the chips are implemented in, or where the chips are made. Nor did ST-Ericsson disclose how HSPA+ functions are distributed across two chips.

ST-Ericsson has disclosed that the M5730 makes use of 64-QAM modulation and supports 3GPP Release 7, GSM/EDGE across four bands and WCDMA/HSPA+ across five bands. The chipset supports 5.76-Mbps in the uplink direction.

On Sept 22, the Global mobile Suppliers Association (the GSA) reported that 73 HSPA+ networks are currently up and running and 127 operators in 59 countries have committed to HSPA+ network deployments.

ST-Ericsson said it has begun providing samples of the M5730 to customers and expects the modem to appear in smartphones, USB dongles and modules. \"We anticipate seeing smartphones and other connected devices based on our new HSPA+ modem shipping in early 2011,\" said Magnus Hansson, senior vice president and head of LTE and 3G modem solutions division at ST-Ericsson, in a statement.

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