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Sometimes making things bigger is better on-screen, Mr. Modem says

I have trouble seeing my mouse pointer. Is there any way I can make it larger?
As a card-carrying, bifocal-wearing computer user, one of the first things I do when I purchase a new computer is increase the size of the mouse pointer or cursor. The challenge is that I have to be able to actually see the pointer before I can alter its appearance.
Windows provides a number of options when it comes to increasing a mouse pointer's visibility. To view your choices, XP users, open your Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers tab. Vista and Windows 7 users, click Start and type "mouse" in the search field to display your various mouse-related settings options.
Depending on the version of Windows you are using, once you are in the mouse settings area, click the little down arrow to reveal the drop-down list under Scheme. Note your current scheme, in case you want to return to it. For larger pointers, arrows, hourglasses and other on-screen, cursor-related icons, try the Magnified scheme or the Large or Extra Large versions of Windows' default scheme. Windows Inverted or Black schemes may also be helpful for those with impaired vision. Other schemes add color and motion, so have fun and experiment with the various options available to you.

I use Quicken for my personal check-writing and bookkeeping on my desktop computer. I wondered if it is possible to burn a copy of the Quicken folder to a CD, then install it on my laptop from there.
Quicken, and most other programs, require the original installation DVD (or downloaded setup file) in order to install it on another computer. When you install a program, not only does the process of installation create a folder in the Program Files folder on your hard drive, but it also installs supporting files in other locations. If you were to copy just the Quicken folder to another computer, the program won't run because it needs those supporting files that it's linked to in other locations on your hard drive.
If you install Quicken or any other program from its installation CD, you can use that CD to install the program on a second computer -- assuming that the product license permits you to install it on more than one computer. Most commercial programs permit installation at least on one other computer for your personal use.
Once you have Quicken installed on your second computer, you can use your CD burner, a thumb (flash memory) drive, or other storage medium to transfer (by backing up, then restoring) your data from one computer to the other. (In Quicken, click File > Backup on your desktop computer, and File > Restore Backup File on your laptop.)
If you purchased a program online and downloaded its installation files, you can burn those files to a CD or other storage device, then use them to install the program on a second computer.
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