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The installation of a broadband modem with computer repair tips

process of installing the broadband modem is classified into two levels of experienced computer repair. The first is to connect the modem to the computer and the second is to configure the modem for Internet access. Computer with these steps, you can help install the broadband modem and can be configured to access the Internet.
To connect a broadband modem, you have some steps in the repair of computers. Make sure all necessary equipment needed to connect the modem to your computer. You will need the modem, Ethernet cable, CD-ROM, user manual, phone cord to the ADSL modem and an adapter. If you have any equipment, you can go to the modem, if someone is missing, you need to contact the modem manufacturer for the missing part.
computer repair experts recommend that you use the manual to understand the function of the equipment that comes with the modem advice. If you have a DSL connection, you need the phone connection for ADSL modem. No matter what Internet connection you use, the port of your broadband modem is CAT5 or CAT6 is installed by the service provider. Now you need to insert the Ethernet cable from a port Ethernet modem or Ethernet LAN port on the computer.
Now, connect the adapter to the modem. You must be in the plug. Make sure that all devices connected before the start of the implementation of the broadband modem.
The implementation of the broadband modem, you have to open the administrative side of the modem. For this you need to open a web browser and the address bar of your browser you have the URL of the modem. See the manual for the URL. If you do not, you have the modem manufacturer to get the URL.
Now you need to register on the website of the administration of the modem. You need the user name and password. You can find them on the manual. If you should not have this please contact the manufacturer. After registering, you should have the type of connection to love. There are four types of Internet connections. Contact your ISP about what is best suited to implement your system.
If the IP address automatically access the service provider would like, you can very well choose a dynamic IP address for your Internet connection. We give you an IP address when accessing the Internet connection. If it is a dynamic IP, your IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet and is a static IP address if the same IP address when you disconnect and reconnect to the Internet. If your ISP gives you a static IP address, you need a static IP address. Now you need to complete subnet mask, IP address, ISP Gateway Address, Primary and secondary DSN address. You are receiving this information from your service provider.
Now you can terminate the connection by clicking “Finish” option. Now you can type a URL in the browser to see if the connection is checked.

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