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Verizon iPad Sales To Begin October 28th

Verizon Wireless is official - they will start selling the Apple iPad October 28. Aside from that bit of good news comes with some potentially bad points. And so we must think of some alternative proposals for which sounds like a good option and would be a Verizon iPad power.
440 IPAD Verizon October 18
Here's the deal with Verizon in the IPAD start 28th October. With the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB iPad with Wi-Fi for $ 629.99, $ 729.99 and $ 829.99 respectively. Yes, you read correctly, the IPAD with Wi-Fi, or more accurately - Verizon is selling the 3G IPAD.
You see, Verizon is including the IPAD with a wireless access point modem MiFi. Not bad, but this means an additional device, while on the fly to keep charged. That said, however, it comes with some good and some bad points. First the good, the data plan, which are connected to freely contract and only costs $ 20 per month. The bad news is that only 1 GB of data per month. You can only say that there will be streaming Netflix with only 1 GB.
Since this contract is free and only $ 20 a month, would be lying if we say we do not have a certain appeal. This is an alternative. Our advice to give more transfer per month, but will be subject to a contract. That may be a turnoff for some, but at the same time you will save the money up front, because the IPAD can buy Wi-Fi for the normal retail price of $ 499, $ 599 or $ 699th
Our proposal, or actually two proposals always include MiFi 2200 Palm modem or Pre Plus.
First, the MiFi, you can pick up without MiFi 2200 go on the contract and then the plan for a month with the $ 59.99 that will give you a much more reasonable 5GB per month. Of course, this a little more than the original $ 20 a month, so this is a second choice and a little less expensive.
The following proposal is the Palm Pre Plus, and this will work better if you are already a customer of Verizon. You need to convert your current plan, to plan a family for a Pre Palm Plus. You see, this phone is available free of charge and comes with the regular monthly data plan ($ 30), but is also free wireless hotspot and 5 GB of transfer for means IPAD. plan and a second line to your family is $ 10 per month, which will pay $ 10 for the phone and $ 30 for data from a total of $ 40 per month, which will give you 5 GB connection wireless media. And as a bonus, this means you still have the phone just use the case.

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