Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

WRH54G Wireless Broadband Router Designed For Specific Indonesia

Linksys ®, a division of Cisco, which is a leading provider of networking products and devices for home and small businesses, has launched the Wireless-G Home Router (WRH54G), the first wireless broadband router is customized for home users in Indonesia.

Full function router and an affordable price to help meet the needs of local users in Indonesia to build broadband wireless networks. In addition to the Linksys commitment to the Indonesian market, this product launch is also expected to further increase the penetration and use of broadband wireless networks by home users in Indonesia.

To reflect its uniqueness, WRH54G comes with a black design with dual-antenna is useful to support wireless performance to be optimized. With transmission speeds reaching 54Mbps and basic functions of the other, WRH54G offers some interesting features that prove the label as a Wireless-G broadband router is 'specially made for Indonesia' (Made for Indonesia).

Packed with features Friendly Controls of Internet Access, WRH54G provide support for access control capabilities that can be tailored to user preferences and needs (On-Demand) and the management of the desired time (Time-based). This capability is designed to help users monitor and control the use of broadband access at affordable prices, especially for those who use time-based services (Time-based) or volume (volume-based).
Wireless-G Home Router WRH54G

WRH54G have a Flexible Wireless Radio Control with On / Off function Control Scheduler to provide management capabilities for more than one scheduling system while protecting wireless access in the home. Users simply select the 'start / stop' existing or adjust the wireless signal strength on the device. This device is also equipped with build-in web-based setup wizard that helps users to install WRH54G easily and quickly.

As a wireless broadband network solutions integration, WRH54G also able to function as a Wireless Access Point, designed according to compatibility and standardization of devices Wireless-G (802.11g) and Wireless-B (802.11b) available today. Supported features 4-port full duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch, WRH54G network device capable of connecting an Ethernet cable, or even overlap with additional switches to provide more switch port connections. This product also supports encryption standard widely used in network industries, namely 128-bit encryption to protect data and user privacy. Users also facilitated the security features enabled through the Linksys web-based utility, which is a web-based utility.

Linksys Wireless-G Home Router (WRH54G) is now available through local distributors and VAR (Value-Added resellers) with the official retail price of
Rp 425.000.

Author: Eko Lannueardy
Source: Press Release

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