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The Next Generation Flash, speed upto 21 Mbps Downlink

Fast, fast is the most appropriate word to describe the development of telecommunications technology. I had not yet bought the modem GPRS, HSDPA technology has emerged, yet had a chance to buy this, it appears that it ... Hehehe .. Kalo is it simply Unfortunately aja seh who have not got money .. : jduk:

Already have a HSDPA modem, but not satisfied with the speed? Relax Bro! do not worry .. because SingTel has a new technology that will satisfy your needs will be high-speed connections.

And now .. Please wellcome to the latest technology by Telkomsel, HSPA + (High Speed Packet Access +) who have downlink speeds up to 21 Mbps. This speed is 3x the speed HSDPA technology which "only" 7.2 Mbps.

This technology was introduced to the term NGF (Next Generation Flash). Less is more (may be more a lack of) of this NGF technology will work by giving IP addresses to all telecommunication devices. With this system, all the connections you make will be spent media Internet Protocol. If you've heard of VoIP, the technology is almost the same as NGF that. Because all using IP, the datapun access will be faster and with more efficient power. CMIIW for this statement.

Pengen use this great service?? Immediately read the FAQ about this service here. About how to use it, the following excerpts from the site:

* How do I get to enjoy the Next Generation Mobile Broadband Network / HSPA + technology this?

There are several factors that must be met / diperhatik in order to enjoy "HSPA +", namely:

* KartuHALO (priority). The maximum speed of this technology can only be enjoyed kartuHALO Telkomsel subscribers. simPATI and Kartu As a lower priority
* Coverage Node B. Users must be within coverage of Node B / BTS HSPA + TELKOMSEL.
* Device. The device used to access the internet (modem, handset, or router) is a device that supports HSPA + technology / able to accommodate HSPA + technology this
* Internet activity. The maximum speed HSPA + technology can only be enjoyed through the activity of downloading files in a large size. Activities checking email or browsing in general will not reach the maximum access speed
* Distance and Barriers. Closer to the Node B / BTS Telkomsel, then the user the opportunity to obtain greater speed. Wall thickness and material also affects the speed of Internet access
* The number of users connected. User receives the speed depends on the number of users simultaneously connected to the Node B / BTS the same. More and more people are connected, the user receives the speed lower.

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