Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

ATG 5000 High Speed Internet System for Aircrafts Outed by Aircell

Airborne communications just got better. Not exactly „just,” since the ATG 5000 high speed internet unit started shipping a month ago, but it is out there for aircraft companies to use it. Light business jets and turboprops can benefit from better and faster internet connections as it has already been installed on a Gulfstream G200 from FlightWorks Inc.

John Wade, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Aircell, stated, "As we begin 2010, the demand for Inflight Internet continues to accelerate. Our new ATG 5000 offers a new segment of aircraft operators the opportunity to increase their company's productivity by keeping executives fully connected in flight."

The ATG 5000 does not offer all the benefits of Aircell’s Axxess, so it is not designed to work with integrated voice and narrowband data features, but it is capable of managing multiple networks automatically. This feature is called WAN Management and correlates all the networks installed aboard an airplane. This characteristic has been implemented since December 2009 and besides the Aircell ATG 5000, the ATG 4000 has it as well.

As I said before, the ATG 5000 has been installed successfully on a Gulfstream G200 aircraft. The new Aircell high speed internet unit is 56 times faster than a dial up connection and businessmen everywhere can now enjoy on-plane internet connections similar to ground ones. The possibility of mounting the ATG 5000 on a multitude of jet planes comes from the lightweightness of the unit.

Here is what Ron Smith, Chief Sales Officer at FlightWorks, had to say, "We're pleased to bring the very latest technology to our customers. Especially in this economy, the owner of the G200 sees a full Internet connection as an essential productivity tool in meeting the demands of their business. They're thrilled with the system's performance and are already in the process of installing it on their other aircraft."

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