Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

CSL Blueberry @9250

CSL Blueberry @ 9250

After a long review hp vacuum, here I am again review the new HP in the market. Still around local HP / china. This time the review of the product CSL Mobile Indonesia, CSL Blueberry @ 9250.

Specifications CSL Blueberry @ 9250:

* GSM 900/1800 MHz, GSM Dual SIM, Dual ON
* LCD Display 2.4 "QVGA
* QWERTY softkey
* Trackball that glow when actively used.
* Battery 1500mAh Li-ion, very durable, bigger than most of the local mob hp.
* JAVA enabled, but not multitasking.
* TV tuner, watch free TV on the HP gede screen 2.4 ", clear images.
* MP3 player, MP4 player
* 3.5mm audio input jack, the headset using the port charge innate.
* 1.3 Megapixel camera with scene modes can be selected reply.

Sales package it in bundle with Axis, but not on the SIM lock kok. Dapet Silicon Chase, microSD memory card 2 GigaByte. Well, wait for the next review of his utak tweaking it? Hehehe ...

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