Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

RF Modem Robotics Project

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Ruf Bot uses the TWS 434 RF system

RF is just way too cool not to use in your designs. But if you're a newbie like me it is difficult to successfully build solid RF transmitters and receivers. When I started out I didn't realize that the larger breadboard I was working off of was causing a lot of the signal deviance because the metal traces on the breadboard worked like small capacitors and changed my circuit dynamics. So after much research I found the Reynolds Electronics RWS and TWS 434 RX/TX pair. I looked into a similar product by MING Microsystems and Radioshack but the Reynolds were superior in performance, cost and ease of use. So with that and two PIC 16F84's I started working on my serial RF link from my control interface (Joystick) to my robot. You can find these parts at

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