Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Antenna Modem Smart ZTE AC2726

- Antenna form of simple, easy to carry anywhere.
N simple practical dismissal brought the modem if you want. so do not need to come off the modem yg antenna mounted on the tiled
- Goods Import
- Signal Strength (In Theory) Up to 5db
- Just plug into the slot antenna
- Dimensions: - Height: + / - 28cm
- Cable length: + / - 3m
- Put the outer area (ie outside the window), The bottom antenna is magnetic, so you can put over the metal
- No Warranty.
- Checking the quality of the signal difficult to measure. However, with this usage, indirectly increasing the signal quality & stable.


- Only support Smart modem ZTE AC2726
- Do not know the modem support Haier CE100, Axesstel MV-140B, Pantech PX500. Krn not have a modem is

Picture something like this:

More or less similar implementations for these Sierra modems.

Test results:


Tengah malam

Middle of the night, sometimes penetrating to this

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  1. dimana saya dapat membelinya dan harganya berapa ?.....

  2. Hi,
    I need a powerful antenna for this 3g evo device: ZTE AC2726 and i want it in country: Pakistan in city: Lahore. Can you send me it by dhl or fdx for faster delivery rather then using normal postage mail.




    wanted with proper pin which fits in the device.

    price needed in $

    mode of payment: paypal

    Waiting for reply.

  3. Hello. I need this antenna in Lahore, Pakistan. Please tell me how to buy it. Thanks.