Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Flexi Package Internet trying Muslims with ZTE S-100

Incidentally a few days ago in love as a friend ZTE phone S-100 which dibundling with Flexi (Flexi Muslim), I tried to use this phone as a modem, because in the sales package've disedikan data cable and modem drivers. To try out this internet connection I use Flexi Unlimited, with a daily package.

When you first connected to a laptop with a data cable, Windows XP automatically detects new hardware and request the necessary drivers, the first is the driver Data Interface (modems). To update the driver manually created because I've no driver, stay focused when I save the driver.

Next is detected is ZTE Diagnostics Interface 3197, again point to where we store driver.

After all the drivers installed on the laptop / computer, the next step to a new Internet connection settings are the steps as well as information about previous Internet connection. Selected for modem modem - ZTE USB Modem 3197.

As for your username and password filled in accordance with the registration answer Flexi sms Unlimited.

Done, and is now ready to make an internet connection.

After I tried several times and I try to do tests with Speedtest.net and Pingtest.net, turn out to be unsatisfactory reply in my opinion. From the results of tests with Speedtest.net, the download speed is only getting 10 Kbps (0.01 Mbps) and uploads at 10 Kbps (0.01 Mbps). Different from modem ZTE MG880 with Flexi Unlimited I've ever used, even with the iConnect modem and Flexi C8300 Unlimited.

Temen-temen so quick information about using phone modem ZTE S-100 and Flexi card, if there is another temen ever tried to please Sharring experience in the comments.

Thank you, and hopefully useful.

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