Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Buffalo Intros New Wireless Router

If you want to share your Internet connection with... say... your wife, you definitely have to think about acquiring a router. And seeing how the wife isn't quite fond of having even more wires around the house, you'd rather go for a wireless router in order to share your Internet connection. A wireless router such as the new Nfiniti Wireless-N Essential Router & Access Point WHR-HP-G300N from Buffalo Technology.

The device is meant to be your perfect choice should you desire to share connectivity in the confines of your home or in small office environments. Whether it is used to stream HD movies or the latest musical tunes, the Nfiniti will do its job flawlessly due to sporting speeds of up to 300Mbps. And should you want to pair it (aka the WHR-HP-G300N wireless router) with the new Nfiniti Wireless-N High Power Ultra-Compact USB 2.0 Adapter, it is said to optimize connectivity to any Windows-using laptop or desktop computer. Or, of course, it could be just a way to market its USB 2.0 adapter.

Ralph Spagnola, vice president of sales at Buffalo Technology, made the following statement regarding the release of the WHR-HP-G300N and WLI-UC-GNHP, “The latest iteration of Buffalo’s wireless routers and clients are engineered to exacting standards to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of our customers. […] Buffalo Technology continues to be committed to delivering robust wireless solutions that are designed to precise specifications to maximize performance and range.”

The WHR-HP-G300N and WLI-UC-GNHP will cost you 69.99 and 49.99 dollars, respectively and will be available earlier this month with a limited two-year warranty. Cool, huh? Well... here's hoping it works the way they say!

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