Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Schlage LiNK System for Wireless Door Control

might be interested in using your own smartphone.
During the Customer Electronics Show 2009 in January search for the South Hall 1, Booth

#20350, in order to find Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' stand, where the company will showcase its Schlage LiNK System. It makes use of your high speed internet connection, which doesn't have to be wireless, a cell phone with modem functionality, a computer connected to the Internet, the Schlage LiNK Bridge and the Schlage Light Module with the Z-Wave technology enabled.

According to the provider, the Z-Wave-based system is the world's first and only wireless door control that works non-stop, allowing you to open your door using just the cell phone.
Z-Wave technology was designed to connect all your home gadgets in order to communicate with each other through walls and floors. It works with windows shades, thermostats, lighting and all the others.

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