Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Upgrade Sierra 881U atau 885U HSDPA ke 7.2 Mbps

After some time no blog activity I do because of tight work routine, this post may be useful for the users of the wireless modem 881U or 885U Sierra.

Perhaps some users have been satisfied with the speed that produced this type of modem is by most people belonging to "more" faster than other modem of its kind. But I think there's no harm if a few changes could improve speed significantly.


> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management >> Device Manager).">The first step in what we do: (In Windows XP) We open the Device Manager located in the Windows Control Panel (Start>> Control Panel>> Administrative Tools> Computer Management>> Device Manager). Then we look at how Sierra COM AT Command is located on port device manager. In our computer example, Sierra AT Command is located at 10 com.

> all programs >> accessories >> communication >> hyperterminal, lalu isi nama koneksi sesuai dengan yang kita inginkan">Click Start>> all programs>> accessories>> communication>> HyperTerminal, then fill in the name of the connection in accordance with what we want

Drag toward the com us, look at the pictures we use COM10

Type "ATI0" to find out manufacture and firmware used, if successful, will appear as shown below

Type "AT! HSDCAT = 8" (to set the value of downloading the 7.2mb / s, default = 6 = 3.6mb / s) and hit enter.
then type again "AT! HSUCAT = 5"
(for uploading into mengeser value 2MB / s, default = 3 = 1.4mb / s)
then press enter

Sierra off your modem, then konekkkan back. now, you try your konekan 3G Watcher. If successful then your speed will change to 7.2Mbps

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