Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

PC Suite + Driver Modem CSL Blueberry @9250

Well, after yesterday lead by tweaking CSL Blueberry @ 9250, HP was able to be used as a modem in the computer internet. Like many other local mob him, this phone also uses SIM1 as its default connection.

Engine CSL @ 9250 firmware uses MTK6225, and I happen to have the modem driver and his pc suite.

* New PC SUITE + Driver, click HERE
* Download DRIVER MODEM course, click HERE

How to install 9250 Blueberry is as follows:
1. Hp USB plug into the computer, select the COM PORT mode.

2. The computer will recognize the new device for this HP, and will install the drivers nya.Karena windows xp, windows vista, and seven did not have drivers for this phone, navigate to the folder request DRIVER drivers who've downloaded from this blog post. Select Continue Anyway when the computer confirmed the driver installation. And the computer will SUCCESS installdriver to this modem.

3. The road then a PC SUITE which've downloaded as well. Then the settings menu, set its COM port, select the appropriate port that was installed earlier. Kalo does not know port brp, cobain aja a single com port is available, until the STATUS UNDER THE RIGHT CORNER SUITE dariPC be connected.

4. well after his status connected, then the HP've prepared to be a modem. To TAB CONNECTION, then CREATE NEW connection. Enter the APN, USERNAME and PASSWORD as you use the card. When finished, then the tab is click on DIAL UP DIAL UP button, the computer will not connect to HP as a modem, and computer ... .. taadaaaaaaa ready to internetan

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