Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Testing connection speed EVDO USB Modem Smart

Right yesterday afternoon finally gw goal to have a Smart EVDO USB Modem also achieved. Gw beli Smart EVDO USB Modem is in the Plaza Marina Surabaya Lt. Apollo 2 in the store for Rp. 885.000, -.

Muter-muter could also search for the best price and sellers can search jelasin with bener about Smart EVDO USB Modem, but finally on store gw Apollo select the least expensive and are also friendly and the seller can jelasin about Smart USB EVDO Modem is.

Well Package Smart EVDO USB Modem includes a USB modem 1 fruit, 1 Data Cable (Extension), 1 piece of Smart Card and also several books on how to pake modem and Internet subscription unlimited ways. This package also provides a free internet service for 100 days with the Platinum Package starting after Smart EVDO USB Modem is enabled.

Got home, got confused also create Smart cards plug into this USB modem. But see also how to end .... who turned out this USB Modem backcover (gray) drawn backward to open it. After completion of all kinds, including the modem settings, is also excited to try the internet connection speed .... because it houses the regional gw Pondok Candra Indah quite far with the BTS in Surabaya at Jalan Pemuda.

But my friend, gw ngga expected at all connection speeds were practically Maknyus! Gw internet speed test at speedtest.net site and the results are even ping / latency is around 200ms but gede download speed is 1 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 0.3 Mbps!

Gw coba download games for free from gw own blog and found the download speed up 50KB/sec sometimes even more! Then when gw open facebook, the speed to open the page can fairly great, because it requires almost no time to open the alias page 1 direct click open. Wehehe ... seems gw ngga nih buy nyesel Smart EVDO USB Modem is ^ _ ^

So for my friend who wants to enjoy the speed Wireless Internet and Save the Great, there is no harm in trying Pack Smart EVDO USB Modem this one. Since it with such speed, including affordable subscription fee of USD 140.000/bulan for Platinum Package with Max New Max 3.1 Mbps and 0.38 Mbps upload.

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