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Tips n Trick Accelerating hp smart modems Haier D1200P

( "Horeeee .... Fun to the package from the Smart modem and free internet for 3 months", so about the joy when the first picture to buy this internet modem package from Smart services. Tetapinya ya But there, perhaps because there is a connection that's free rather a little slow. But do not fret old, below is the trick and tipsnya koq, let's be listened to. ") => authors joy
Before trying Tips2 below I suggest you to system restore point before your windows. Do I click start menu> all programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore> trus choose "Create a restore point. Ntar klo changes in your windows system problems can be returned to the system before it was changed. Please try tipsnya ...

1. The first Windows OS to talk the problem must first diakalin soale Windows using 20% of our bandwidth. So how much faster this way:

* Click the Start menu> run and type gpedit.msc
* In the computer configuration> administrative templates> select Network.
* In the QoS packet scheduler> Double Click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
* Click the Enabled Reservable bandwidth and fox settingannya to 0 (zero)% and then Apply and OK.

2. Click start menu> run and type regedit. In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Servic es \ TCPIP \ Parameters. The contents of this registry value:

* DefaultTTL content value 00000040
* EnablePMTUBHDetect content value 00000000
* EnablePMTUDiscovery content value 00000001
* GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize content value 0005ae4c
* SackOpts content value 00000001
* Tcp1323Opts content value 00,000,003
* TcpWindowSize content value 0005ae4c
* Restart your computer.

When the registry was not in the above parameters, can be added in a way, right-click New, then select DWORD, type the parameters above and fill valuenya.

3. If you can use Mozzila Firefox browser that've known Browsers Most Powerful and Safe ... download here and also setting Mozzila fox so much faster when browsing ... .. how :

* Open Firefox.
* Select the address bar type about: config and hit enter. If the exit warning click ok.
* Right-click in Firefox (under Preference Name) and select New and then Integer.
* In the New dialog box integer value - Enter the preference name with nglayout.initialpaint.delay content. Then when another dialog box appears content value / value to 0 (zero).
* In the Filter Bar (Filter:) is located under the tab opened type pipelining reply.
* Click two times (double click) on the written order settingannya network.http.pipelining changed to true.
* Then double click (double click) on the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests after leaving the contents of the dialogue box with a number between 10 to 30. The contents of 30 to get more leverage.
* Restart Firefox.

4. Use the pan Kilik:) See / Click HERE or the like to improve your modem signal.

5. There's also a smart modem users who approach it with HP Smart Antenna TV UHF TV lit conditions or Teflon coated with aluminum foil ... almost as rich pan Kilik this difference is coated with aluminum foil.

6. Smart Connections setting is not only using the username and password: smart dial up to * 777 but could also use:
user and password: wap - dial-up: 222
user and password: cdma - dial up: * 777 #
can also dial up to: * 99 # or * 31 * 11,111 #
aja try which dikombinasiin faster between the user / password with the dial-up which could also aja ko

7. For use AMD processors and failed to connect. You can use the driver version 1.3.13 Haier at their website directly smart aja open there.

8. Use as Cfosspeed Internet Accelerator, SpeedConnect, to use the browser to download FirefoxOptimizer and use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to increase the internet speed when browsing and downloading.

9. Recommended by Smart said when I disconect and will use the modem for the restart smart hpnya and pull the battery ... then plug it in again and make connections to the Internet. But I try to change the connection to the others turned out to be ko. Pake example of the smart user and password are connection 1 then move to 2 with user connection and other passwords tough .. no 6. So bikin aja 2 connection with a different user and password.

10. If you want to browse and download the current use smart modems night> 12 nights until the morning when traffic is not crowded smart.

11. Usually bad weather greatly affect the smart internet connection ... this one yet knows how to handle it ... wait for good weather or course;) wrote to complain ato cs smart.

12. If Automatic Updates to Windows and other program2 disabled it. Because it would interfere with our connection at the time the program runs automatic update feature. But everything has a risk. Yg antivirus user may want to antivirusnya regularly updated will be disturbed.

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