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Satellite Broadband Internet

With broadband technology having been around for many years now, and showing up in every nook and corner of the world; this has created a lot of awareness among the people. Broadband service is helpful for connecting people from one place to another place in an effective manner. The broadband service is available in DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or cable services.

Nowadays, broadband technology is available even through satellite. This doesn’t involve any sort of cables as it is purely based on wireless mechanism. This process is associated with Dish service and also keeps up with other broadband services regarding speed, applications etc. Broadband services play a major role in the internet service. As a matter of fact, internet service involves the use of cable connections and it is not possible to access this service in rural areas, top secret military areas, war zones etc. So, satellite broadband came in to effect, where DSL, cable networks failed to provide connection in those remote areas.

For DSL services, the subscriber should be within a range of 18,000 feet of the control station, though some of the telecommunication companies are even extending this range. Similarly, cable connection also needs some sort of cable network availability in such places. So, this kind of hurdles can be shattered with the help of satellite broadband services.

The mechanism behind satellite broadband is as follows: The internet feed is allowed to transmit from satellite to the concerned dish, which is installed in the subscriber’s home which is then directed to the satellite. This provides broadband signals which are directed back once again to that dish and content is then transmitted to the system via a modem. Satellite broadband provides you an access speed of about 2Mb broadband (which is 2 Mega bits per second) for the downstream and 1 Mbps upstream . In comparison to some more modern broadband packages this is a little slow, but it’s not too bad.

If you establish a internet connection through satellite broadband, the feed must travel 22,300 miles (35,888 Km) to the satellite, which is located in geo stationary orbit. From there, the signal must travel back the same distance to the users. So, the subscriber must pay the package for nearly 89,200 mile, for the round trip of data transfer. Since the data has to travel an enormous distance, you have to pay a hefty sum as the charge. Moreover, when the data travels, various factors may impede the speed of transfer like climatic conditions (rain, moisture, wind etc). The average latency period is 500-700 ms and hence this may cause latency issues .This unavoidable difficulty generally shows satellite broadband service as a poor choice for multiplayer online gaming, since it needs the immediate access of the data to perform functions.

The satellite broadband internet services are helpful in downloading data, mail transfers etc. This broadband service also has multiple options for the package, like one way and two way services which depend on the usage of the subscribers. In one way satellite broadband, only one dish is used for uploading and downloading data through satellite subscribers. This is helpful for those who need to check mail, chatting etc., In case of two way broadband services, two separate dishes are installed, one for downloading and another one for uploading and so the speed is relatively high .Hence this will satisfy the Netizens. Online games can be played without any interruption and thus the subscribers are satisfied. Satellite broadband is the latest broadband service which will help you to surf, even in remote areas; despite having some speed hiccups.


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