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In order for HP NOKIA CDMA modem you can be the things that should be done is
1. Make sure you have the cable drivers installed properly (Nokia PC Suite works fine) Also make sure you are using a cable that was indeed support for the Internet connection (no cable was DKU5 cheap ringtone functions to transfer only).
2. Make sure the Serial connection cable (DKU-5 / CA-42) was not active in Nokia Connection Manager.
3. Next Click "Phone & Modem Options" in Control Panel. Then click "Add - Modem"
4. In the process of installing a modem, click the Checkmark / tick the option "Do not detect my modem ..."
5. Next

the modem type selection, click on "Have Disk" then Browse the location of the file "Nokia CDMA2000-1x.inf" then click "Open" then click "Ok".
6. Next appear 3 Nokia Modem options, select "Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data Modem" and click "Next" and select Communication Port driver DKU-5 / CA-42 and click "Next".
7. Next will appear Digital Signature, select "Yes" and then click "Finish".
8. After you click "Finish", your modem on the list will show "Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data Modem". To ensure the modem is functioning properly then do testing the modem by clicking on "Properties" on modems. Then select "Diagnostic" and click "Query Modem". If you have a list of diagnostic testing such as the image below, means that your modem is ready to be used as a modem for Internet connection.
9. The final step is to make dialup connection settings Telkomnet @ flexi, Fren Mobile 8 or Star One. Make sure your dialup number # 777 and your username & password correctly. Good luck ya and make friends who have tried and successfully be able to share here ... ..

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