Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

DENSO to use Airbiquity’s in-band modem for telematics

Airbiquity has signed a global licensing agreement with DENSO. Under the agreement, Airbiquity will license its aqLink in-band software modem to DENSO to support a North American automotive telematics program.

NOTE: DENSO supplies the telematics box for TOYOTA’S SAFETY CONNECT service in North America. (Source: M2M)

Airbiquity’s aqLink technology offers DENSO a solution that allows them to use the voice channel to transmit data for critical and time-sensitive information. The modem also transmits data without unpredictable delays, regardless of the time of day or of wireless data network congestions often observed in large metropolitan areas.

Source: Airbiquity.

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