Selasa, 07 September 2010

Are The Police Allowed To Unplug Your Modem?

Over the past few weeks, our phone/internet service provider, Verizon, has been causing us to have “phantom 911 calls,” in which 911 is dialed from a land-line that we no longer have access to (we shut it off a while ago). The police come every time that this happens, and the last time, while we were away for the weekend, they were preparing to break down our door since nobody was home to open it. My step-father’s parents had to come in to show them that nobody was home, and while they were in the house, they unplugged our modem and our entire computer, saying, “Change your number.” I’m assuming they don’t want the modem to be on until we have a new number. Now, I’m a high school student with AP classes, so I need the internet often for my homework. Are the police legally able to deny you a service (in this case, the internet) that has been paid for and is needed by those that paid?

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