Rabu, 29 September 2010

Weekly tech giveaway: Bumper edition

Weekly tech giveaway: Bumper edition

, as well as a Broadband over Power Lines kit and a Linkbook netbook
This week we are giving away a Victory 301 USB HSPA modem, distributed locally by well known networking distributor Nology.
“Just insert the SIM card from your Network Provider, plug the modem into any Notebook or PC and the auto-install driver will complete installing itself. You will be free to use high speed wireless Internet with download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps anytime, anywhere,” the company explained.
This week is however a bumper week because of previously unclaimed prizes, and we will also give away a Linkbook and a Billion BiPAC P106N broadband over power lines networking kit.
More about the Wireless-N HomePlug
More about the Linkbook
More about the Victory 301 USB Modem
More about Nology
To enter the competition, simply post which one of these three prizes you would like to win in the following thread:

Weekly tech giveaway thread

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